Elaborating on High CBD/Low THC Strains Beneficial Effects

Cannabinoids present in cannabis plant species are ruling the natural therapeutic arena worldwide. The simple reason is that they are able to stimulate endocannabinoid system of the human body to get rid of the symptoms of many kinds of health disorders. They act on receptors of brain like CB1 and CB2 to keep the body functions normal.

There are actually three kinds of cannabinoids mainly known to human being:

  • Endocannabinoid – They are mainly present in our body however in less proportion. Thus, it doesn’t have the power to stimulate the receptors of the brain.
  • Phyto cannabinoids – They are present in plants. The cannabinoids of the cannabis plant species are specifically useful for medicinal purpose and thus widely cultivated globally.
  • Synthetic cannabinoids – As the term suggests they are laboratory prepared cannabinoids. Most of them aren’t legal to use, thus are banned.

There are numerous kinds of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant kingdom, however two main strains of them is used for their multi health enhancing qualities. They are CBD and THC. You can view the products infused with THC and CBD in any online smokeshop, however, you need to buy from shops like Express Smoke Shop that are a favorite of CBD users. Their products are of superior quality and quite effective.

Now more about THC and CBD strains:

THC: It is quite favored by Marijuana users because of its psychoactive effects. That is the basic reason it is helpful to get rid of bad mood swings and depressive thoughts. THC supports to get relief from pain, reduces the feeling of nausea, helps in increasing appetite and even reduces muscle spasms.

CBD: This cannabidiol is used to manufacture many medicinal and cosmetic products. The prime cause is that it doesn’t contain any psychoactive elements you find in THC. Thus, CBD is quite safe to use for any person. There are many more benefits compared to THC, which makes it prefect to compose CBD infused health boosting products. You can even manage your blood sugar, able to minimize the growth of cancer and tumor cells by having CBD dosage.

Many users of cannabis extract prefer to have higher proportions of CBD and lower proportions of THC in their dosage level. It helps to reap the benefits of both the strains of cannabis in right level.

Here are few popular high CBD /low THC strains:

  • Charlotte’s web:
    • It is best help to treat arthritis, migraine and even pediatric epilepsy. The other CBD benefits can be realized and you can have it to enjoy negligible THC effects.
  • Harlequin:
    • It is great sedative and reliever of pain. It has lesser intoxicating effects.
  • Cannatonic:
    • It can be used as a pain reliever and for recreational purpose.
  • Sour Tsunami:
    • It is good for pain relief and to treat mental disorders.
  • Ringo’s Gift:
    • It is a soothing medicine thus your body relaxes from physical pain and has relief from mental health issues.
  • ACDC:
    • It is mainly favored by cancer patients to have relief from side effects of chemotherapy.

There are other strains quite beneficial for enjoying higher ratio of CBD blended with lower proportions of THC. You can buy as preferred to eliminate your ailments symptoms.