Make Your Business Stand Out in Trade Shows with the Right Marketing Strategy

Promotion is the key tool when it comes to getting the right audience for your business. Trade shows are the right platform to attract a lot of potential customers and boost the sales of your business.

Hiring the Right Ads Agency

Online marketing is quite popular amongst both big and small businesses. There are many platforms out there that can help boost the sales of your business. Here is where you might require the help of experts. Choosing the right platform can improve your business image and keep it prominent in the minds of potential customers.

Google Adwords is a great Pay-to-click tool online advertising program designed by Google that allows you to display your ads onto their search engines. If you type Google Adwords agency on your search bar, you will get names of many credible companies such as Australian Internet Advertising (AIA) located in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney that are pioneers in the field of online marketing.

They have the best click fraud protection systems in place that can prevent fraud or irrelevant clicks. Their software will be able to detect bots, a proxy, or misguiding IP servers and block them from hindering your campaign performance.

Now, not all ad agencies will live up to your expectations. You need to do your research and then choose the agency which would best suit your requirement. Some of the factors that you might want to take into consideration include:

  • How long has the agency been in business?
  • Is the agency certified by prominent PPC networks?
  • What are the different services they offer?
  • Who will take care of all your promotional campaigns?
  • Will they outsource the promotional work to third-party agencies?
  • Do they have any analytics or tracking tools to track the progress of your campaign?
  • What is their conversion ratio?

While researching for the right ad agency, ensure to check reviews and ratings offered by existing clients. You can even take the help of your friends or peers who have managed to use the services of such ad agencies.

A credible ad agency will be completely transparent about its services. There will be no hidden agenda and will be able to answer all your questions promptly. If for any reason, the company is hesitant or tries to dodge your question, this is a sure indicator that the company is not trustworthy.

Attracting the Right Target Audience

Sometimes, you might wonder that even though you have the right promotional tools in place, why is there not much traffic to your website. One of the reasons might be the wrong marketing strategy. You might be targeting the wrong audience or choosing the wrong keywords.

Event-based trade shows are the best platforms wherein you can boost your brand image and get the attention of the right audience. You can put up your booth and use the right marketing strategy to get people to visit your booth and avail your products or services.

Networking plays a very crucial role at trade shows. The more you meet people, the more they get to know about your business and can help spread the word.

In the case of mobile advertising, you need to keep a tight check on your target audience. This does not mean that you keep flashing your ads every time they look at their phones.

Secondly, know who your target audience is? Ensure to use the right keywords about tradeshows to attract the right people. You can even add some freebies for the benefit. If you get potential customers, ensure that they subscribe to your newsletter and keep retargeting them once a week so that they keep your business in mind.

Choose the right campaign type. Do you want to go in for PPC, display, universal, or video ads? Ensure that you mention the timeframe of your trade show. This way, interested parties can show up at your booth and enquire about your business.

You can even make use of analytic tools that can help capture user engagement and conversions, thereby giving you a good insight into the effectiveness of your ad.


You need to be thoroughly prepared before the trade show with pamphlets or brochures to distribute to your customers. Hiring ad experts can help make your job easier and help you concentrate on other aspects of your trade show promotion.