Reap the Benefits of Custom-Made Staircase that Enhances the Style of Your Home

Decades back, people did not give much importance to home staircase as it is just needed to climb up and down. It was just a fixture in any home that needs to be built according to space availability. The times have changed and these days, you can visualise many stylish gorgeous staircases enhancing the look of the home.

Now, many home builders design impressive staircases that are attractive and stylish. You can have custom home builder Woodbridge by contacting well known builders especially known for designing grand-looking staircases. To build your home and personalize an elegant staircase, contact Cedar hills Contracting Company. Their crew have expertise and is sure to deliver you a beautiful drop-dead staircase for your home.

Now, why you can consider a custom staircase

  • It will be a creative built spot of your home – Your visitors won’t miss noticing because of its grandeur. Many materials that can be easily designed artistically bring a classic beauty appearance and are used by makers of sturdy creative staircases.
  • Your grand staircase is sure to increase the market value of your home – All you need to do is highlight the staircase by hanging a dazzling chandelier at the side of the staircase. It will have the Hollywood movie scenic look that will make you proud.
  • The staircase can be fixed anywhere at home – Yes, even in a narrow space! No more worries about being unable to build staircase in compact spaces as you get modern ones built that take lesser space. You can provide the exact way you like to have them built to suit the rest of the home decor.
  • There are multiple types of staircases to opt from, thus you can choose one you like the best among them. The making, finishing and installing will be done as preferred by customers. Hence, you can build a desired staircase.

The types of custom staircases

  • Straight stairs – Most of them have only one flight of stairs that directly lands you on the upper floor. There is no change in the direction of the stairs this looks simple and elegant.
  • Quarter or right turned stairs – There will be a landing where the stairs change to right-angled directions. Mostly applicable in duplex apartments and compact houses.
  • Half turn stairs – The stairs turn fully double of right angle having a landing space between two flights of stairs. It is one of the common stairs seen in urban homes.
  • Open well staircase – It is among the oldest styled ones however still preferred for its grand looks. The width of the stair is large and the height is small. Thus, mainly built in large houses. You can design the whole structural part of the stairs matching the style of your home decor. No doubt, it adds beauty to your home.
  • Staircase having many landings- A different quarter-turn staircase where landings are placed between the flight of stairs to improve its decor.

You can select the most suitable one among the many kind of the staircase to enhance the beauty of your home.