Do You Know Why Your Next Event Must Include Swag Promotional Bags?

Are you now brainstorming about swag bag ideas for your next event? In the USA alone, the promotional products are representing an industry that is worth $18 billion+. Though all swag is not created equally.

The key to selecting the right swag will be to understand the purpose that it can serve. Swag is not just an empty investment. It can be used as a lead-nurturing tool, which can help you to grow a relationship that eventually can turn into a sale.

That means every time if receivers put a T-shirt, a pen, or a reusable branded water bottle, into the branded printed reusable bags they are connecting with your brand.

Recent studies on the topic of the effectiveness of swag bags and other promotional products have made the following conclusion:

  • About 83% of Americans have reported that they want to receive promotional products along with certain advertising messages written on them
  • About 25% of people have reported that they got more positive impressions about companies after getting their promotional products via any swag bags
  • About 50% of people have reported that daily using these promotional products they now have accumulated most items from swag bags
  • About 85% of consumers have admitted  that they are doing business with a certain company after getting a certain promotional product from them
  • About 89% of people, who received a certain promotional product during the last 24 months now remember the company’s name
  • About 67% of people may pass their promotional products to someone else, which provided further exposure
  • About 60% of people reported that they are keeping promotional products for almost 2 years

If you are not convinced with the above survey results then the following are few more points that are reiterating the positive impact of promotional products where swag bags were presented.

  • Persistent marketing

Most promotional products will last longer and work “behind-the-scenes” and can repeatedly deliver the brand’s message, throughout the life of busyness. They are subtle, yet persistent, and remind us about the existence of a business.

  • People like presents

People always like free stuff regardless of what their status is. Businesses who prefer to give away any free promotional products usually are appealing to any human instincts that they like those who offer them something for free!

  • Reciprocity effect

By gifting any promotional products to any event attendees can trigger an inherent human response; social psychologists call them “reciprocity effect”. Psychology studies have already proven the legitimacy of such effects time and again.

  • Personality

These promotional products offer businesses a chance to show their unique personalities. Creative, humorous, colorful, or any useful promotional products will really make a great impact on any impressionable event attendee

  • Memorability

Promotional products have got a longer lifespan than the event and these items get transferred to personal places like bedrooms, desks, bathrooms, cars, etc. Thus they remain on top of the mind of the consumers for months or years too!

  • Pass along rates

Most consumers who have collected promotional products have personally converted themselves without their knowledge into brand ambassadors for all these businesses.

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