How Can I Find My Perfect Sports Bra?

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. To find the perfect sports bra, you should know everything about support, fitting, and construction.

Why Does It Matter To Have A Sports Bra For Running?

Running has a unique motion. Your breasts move in a figure-8 motion. This puts your Cooper’s ligaments, the fragile connective tissues that support breasts, under immense strain. Without proper support, you are likely to feel soreness, which could lead to lasting damage.

Their research shows that women alter the way they run depending upon the type of bra they wear. A sports plus size bra can provide you with the support you need and could even help you reach a new personal best.

What Kind Of Support Do You Require?

Sports bras are available in three levels of support: high, medium, or low. Your cup size, exercise intensity, and workout type will determine which type of bra you need.

Low-Medium Impact Sports Bras

Low impact activities such as Walking, yoga, and strength training.

Medium-impact activities: Skiing, dancing, and cycling.

Construction Low impact sports bras often feature a cup-less design. This restricts movement by pushing the breasts into the chest wall.

High Impact Sports: Running.

Construction High impact bras are designed with a defined cup shape, similar to regular bras, to encapsulate the breasts and provide support. High impact bras can combine compression and encapsulation methods to provide maximum support.

Step 1: Ribcage measurement: Measure around your rib cage, just below your breasts. The tape should be tight but flexible enough to fit two fingers underneath. Round down to 1/8 inch.

Step 2: You can use the table to calculate your band size based upon your ribcage measurement.

Step 3:Bust measurement Again, the tape measure must be snug enough that it doesn’t restrict your breathing.

Step 4: Deduct your ribcage from your bust.

Differences In The Cup Size

Another alternative to steps 3 & 4:Try many different cup sizes to see which one fits you best. Cups must fit comfortably without any wrinkles or gaps.

Tips On How To Achieve The Perfect Fit

Even if your measurements are taken, finding the right sports bra can be difficult. Here are some suggestions to ensure the perfect fit.

Thin, but not too snug: A bra for sports should be tighter than a regular bra. However, it should not restrict breathing.

Teacups with wrinkles should be avoided Wrinkles in the fabric are usually a sign of a cup that is too big. Conversely, if your cup is spilling out of it, it might be too small.

Watch for gaps: Any Underwire should be laid flat against the ribs.

Adjusting the straps Raising your hands over your head. If the band rides up, it’s usually a sign of excess. However, it may be an indication that the straps are too tight or the back closure needs to be adjusted.

Move around You can swing your arms and jump around before you buy your bra. If you have pain or discomfort, try another sports bra.

How Much Time Does A Sports Bra Stay In Good Condition?

Sports bras will last approximately 30-40 washes. However, the technical fabric will begin to loosen with each cycle making them less effective.