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If you are a skilled writer and are interested in contributing to our publication, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Having said that, we do have certain ground rules that we need you to follow for us to be able to accept your submission. If you break any of these guidelines, we won’t be able to.

In an article, we are searching for the following, specifically:


We do not post any content that has previously been published at another website or publication venue. Duplicate material is something that Google frowns upon, and we would like not to be your second choice.


We are searching for articles that are at least 550 words long, are thoroughly researched, and are very in-depth. The papers that do the best online typically have a length of at least 2,000 words. We wish there were more of them.

Advice That Can Be Used

We are looking for actionable advice and key takeaways that our audience can put to use. Having said that, ensure that your essay is supported by theory, research, and scientific evidence to provide a more in-depth perspective. Always remember to include links to other credible sources that back up what you have to say.

Real-Life Instances

You can help the readers better comprehend the issue by sharing your experiences and providing examples. Your own experience and distinctive point of view will almost always be the factors that contribute the most to the overall worth of the essay you are writing.

Logical Structure

Pay careful attention to the structure, and make sure that the flow of your thoughts is clear and easy to follow. An introduction, main body, and conclusion are the components that should make up any piece. When you are writing, you should always explain why you are referencing a certain idea or concept, and how answering the question presented in the headline is helped by that notion or concept.

Reader-Friendly Formatting

Short paragraphs, headers and subheadlines that are easy to understand, bulleted lists, photos, and the like should all be included in the articles that you submit to us. If everything goes well, the reader will just need to read the headlines to have an understanding of the most important points.

Proper Grammar

Before you send us your piece, run it via Grammarly (it’s free! ), have a friend look it over, or look for a proofreader online that works independently.

Do Not Solicit:

  • Subjects that have already been discussed in previous entries on our blog
  • Anything that comes out as being too promotional
  • Articles are written just for the aim of obtaining backlinks
  • Articles of a general nature focusing on “how to be more productive.”
  • Superficial “best applications” sort of listicles; if you want to publish an article of this nature, make sure you examine at least fifty apps and provide a lot of specific information.

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